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جاهزة للحلال Algeria

37 years From Algeria

Thank Allah, I met with my partner 

Correspondence after 22 days

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بوسي فتحي 97 Egypt

25 years From Egypt

Praise be to God I got matched through the website in less than a month and we married on the first day of Ramadan. May God grant everyone success and have sincerity and serious intentions .. 

Correspondence after 2 months

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M.1980@ Egypt

42 years From Egypt

because the app worked for me, thank god. 

Correspondence after 9 days

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FSBE Morocco

27 years From Morocco

I thank the Mawaddah application. All thanks were the reason for my success and meeting the person who suits me. May you be rewarded with the best reward ?? 

Correspondence after 17 days

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الفاضل مصر Egypt

31 years From Egypt

Praise be to God, through this application, he blessed me with a fine wife. 

Correspondence after 8 days

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( سلف صالح ) Morocco

48 years From Morocco

thanks to your effortsfound a good and loving wife god bless 

Correspondence after a month

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Salman ksa Saudi arabia

38 years From Saudi arabia

Thanks to this website that Allah guided me to and where I found my soulmate  

Correspondence after 2 months

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وليد .. Saudi arabia

36 years From Saudi arabia

I found the right person for me, thank God. God is the Grantor of success. I hope that it ends well for me and for her, Lord 

Correspondence after 11 hours

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ايلاف23 Morocco

32 years From Morocco

Thank you for the Mawaddah application, may God grant me success with Ibn Halal from the site. 

Correspondence after 4 months

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نسمة صفاء 90 Libya

31 years From Libya

"I succeeded on the site, thanks to God, with the presence of someone who entered my life and became my soul. Thanks to God, may my Lord keep this for me, a lifelong paradise, O Lord of the worlds." .. 

Correspondence after 7 days

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