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خليفه النعمان Egypt

50 years From Egypt

Praise be to God, I have succeeded and praise be to God, may everyone succeed, and a thousand thanks to the Mawadah site, may everyone find success. 

Correspondence after 8 days

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عماد أيمن Algeria

35 years From Algeria

Thank God, I found a respectable and virtuous woman, wishing success to those with sincere intentions. 

Correspondence after 17 days

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أُنثى H Saudi arabia

46 years From Saudi arabia

Oh God praise be to you God has blessed me with my life partner Praise be to God I thank those who are in charge and for their serious or realible concern There will be success stories and God grants success to everyone .. 

Correspondence after a year

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قسم عدل Morocco

24 years From Morocco

Thanks to the website thanks to which my affairs have become easier may God bless you and a successful journey for everyone 

Correspondence after a year

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المؤتلفه القلب Egypt

33 years From Egypt

Thanks to Allah I found the one who was the dream of my life, and it is also thanks to you. May Allah bless you 

Correspondence after 2 months

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Amka fr Algeria

30 years From Algeria

Thank you to the mawada team for this wonderful application. I succeeded in finding my life partner. I wish you all success, by God. 

Correspondence after 13 hours

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زواج جاد 222 Morocco

45 years From Morocco

Thanks to Mawadah, I found the knight of my dreams and God helped us to make the decision to marry. Thank you and I wish everyone success. 

Correspondence after a day

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جاهزة للحلال Algeria

37 years From Algeria

Thank Allah, I met with my partner 

Correspondence after 22 days

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بحر القلزم Saudi arabia

44 years From Saudi arabia

I got married to a girl from the site 

Correspondence after a month

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جابر 5 Norway

53 years From Norway

Good news for you, dear brothers, thanks to Lakh’s care and support, the girl I was waiting for was identified. Thank you from the heart to the heart, wishing you all the best. .. 

Correspondence after 2 years

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