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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته Hello and welcome to my page. Please read everything. I’m writing in English because I want to make sure that you really did read and understood most of what I’m saying. It may seem boring- but I chose to write this long essay to introduce myself- know if I’m what you have in mind- make it easier for you to take a decision- avoid wasting your time- and decrease the possibility of any future conflict. Don’t get offended by my choices- because I have my own reason. Plus- people have to respect other people’s point of view. I’m looking for a SINGLE Arab Girl between the age of 24 and 33. I don-t want someone from a tribe or a village. I prefer an educated intellectual person or at least willing to continue his education if she didn’t get the chance to do so. Work is important- but this particular point can be discussed later. I need someone to support me in everything. I like a kind- romantic- not bossy- forgiving- understanding- freethinking- and an open-minded person. I currently live in Washington State. I have a my own small business that I started recently and I might continuing my education. I’m not planning to go back to the middle east. So you have to be willing to live abroad to study- work- and build a future. I don’t know if my situations will change. Will- anything is negotiable anyway. I’m an artistic-shy person and very much involved in art and technology. I love creating art- traveling- and taking risks. I like listening to music- watching movies and shows on TV. I love my family and they are a big part of my life. I’m socially shy but I-m pushing myself to be socially active as much as possible. I love with all my heart and soul. I’m understanding- kind- and a good listener. Nothing and no one is perfect including me. First- I’m a very moody person- stubborn- and I get depressed a lot. I need someone to lift my spirit up. Second- everyone have to give equally in any relationship- but I’m the kind of guy how need to take a little more. I’m not a big fan of children. For me two is enough- if that. In addition- I’m not a good cook. Don-t worry! If it does not go well there is no problem ending everything. Please send a photo of yourself and answer the question then submit them in the message that you will send to me if you think that I’m the one for you. This question is just to make sure that you have gone through everything. Sorry- I will not answer anyone that will not submit the answer but I can wait on the picture a little bit. I pray for god that we both find your soul mate and future partners.

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اللهم إني أسألك ان ترزقني زوجا يخافك ياارحم الراحمين اسالك من خيرك أكثر مما ارجو....اللهم وعظمني في قلبه..واجعلني ماء عينه ودم قلبه ودفئ حياته..واسعدني ولا تشقيني معه..يا أرحم الراحمين .

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مودة . نت للـ زواج فقط ولامجال للتعارف للصداقة أو غيرها فسياسة الموقع قائمة على تعاليم الدين الإسلامي .
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ساعدى خطيبك ليتخلص من توتره قبل الزواج قبل الزواج وفي فترة الخطوبة بالتحديد , يمر الرجل بمواقف عصيبة جداً , ويصبح شديد العصبية علي غير عادته . والسبب يرجع الي انشغاله بالتفكير في امور الزواج والتجهيز له , والال اكمل المقال ~

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